Sunday, September 29, 2013

Instagram and Blogging

Now that I have an IPad it has become so much easier to take pictures of my projects and life and instantly share them on Instagram.  I will still blog from time to time but if you want to have an idea of want I'm working on, you can find me as "blueberrygabs".
I enjoy blogging but I didn't always like having to upload from my camera just to blog something quick.  Using my IPad has become fun actually for all of us. Even my five and two year old wander around the house at times and snap's so cute!  I laugh now when I didn't think we'd necessarily get a lot of use out of it....boy, was I wrong!!!  The girls play games, watch movies, color....
Hope you're having a great Sunday!


Ham! by BlueberryGabs
Ham!, a photo by BlueberryGabs on Flickr.

All pieced!

All pieced! by BlueberryGabs
All pieced!, a photo by BlueberryGabs on Flickr.

Here she is!!!

City shops quilt

City shops quilt by BlueberryGabs
City shops quilt, a photo by BlueberryGabs on Flickr.
Playing with colours and layout

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Afternoon Sewing

I haven't spent any time sewing for a while now so I was eager to get back at it with a small project today.  My stepson has been spending time with us this summer and has been wanting his own personal pillowcase.  Life with two little ones as you know can be very busy so I wanted to make sure I made this for him today while he's on an overnight trip with Dad.  They've gone hiking :).
My 5 year old had to get in on the action while my 2 year old was napping.

Complete with French seams and a nice solid flannel border...this is going to be nice and cozy when they return home:)
I talked about how I make pillowcases in this post:

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Newborn Flapper Hat

Lots of little girls being born lately so I made two of these little flappers this spring and summer.  I've been in my knitting mood lately so haven't really been at the sewing machine.  We've went away on vacation to the East Coast (Peggy's Cove) recently so I brought along some knitting/crochet projects.  I don't know what it is about making baby hats but I'm always drawn to them.  Instant satisfaction in completing a project and instant baby cuteness --- a great combination for sure!!

I love using cotton for those spring and summer wee ones.  Nice and soft against the skin.  If you're interested in making your own there are tons of crochet patterns on Ravelry and Etsy.  I've simply adapted my own and made this "flapper" style which I think adds feminine, vintage touch!  Love it!  I don't typically use variegated yarn but these colours were so soft, I couldn't resist!
I believe I picked up this flower at JoAnn's in the U.S. - it couldn't be more perfect....matches perfectly and really adds that finishing touch!
I'm linking up to Clover and Violet's Season by Hand which finishes tomorrow night.  Hurry up and go and post your project!!!
Here are a few pics of this summer...

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Next on the list...Summer Wrap

I've been in the mood for some knitting lately.  It's funny how I get in different moods between wanting to sew, quilt or knit.

Here's what I'd like to make...

What I like about this wrap is that it will be nice and airy...perfect for a summer evening.  I'm a sucker for stripes so that's why this pattern appealed to me.  What doesn't appeal to me is thinking about all of those tiny stitches in lace weight yarn....:)